• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: moral crusades

Operation Midland: Treating fiction as fact

The crusade against historical sex abuse is destroying due process.

The crusade against Ted Heath: Dancing on people’s graves

The inquisition into historical allegations of abuse is out of control.

No, it’s not ‘just like slavery’

So-called modern slavery is more fiction than fact.

Operation Hydrant: An Inquisition for the 21st century

Police trawling for child abuse cases is an affront to justice.

No, Lena Dunham is not a child abuser

It’s perverse to brand her behaviour as a seven-year-old as ‘sexual assault’.

Child abuse inquiry: no way to the truth

A culture of mistrust in Westminster meant this inquiry was doomed to unravel.

Cliff Richard: The moral annihilation of a celebrity

Justice is the greatest victim of these PR-driven witch-hunts.

Israel, Gaza and the Jews: A new moral pogram?

What the return of anti-Semitism reveals about 21st-century society.

Mandatory reporting ‘would undermine police professionalism’

Calls for creation of new criminal offence criticised by leading sociologist amid resourcing debate.

NSPCC: Not in the best interests of the child

Making reporting of child abuse mandatory will not help children.

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