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  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: environment

Scaring children witless

Eco-alarmists are feeding kids a daily diet of fear and doom.

Possibilities for fear remain endless

An example of joined-up scaremongering was provided by the Australian Climate Institute, which last month published a report, A Climate of Suffering.

Knee-jerk reaction as nuclear hysteria engulfs German society

It did not really matter that the terrible disaster that engulfed Japan after the earthquake in March was thousands of kilometres away, on the other side of the world. As far as German opinion leaders were concerned, the only question they could ask was: "What does it mean for us?"

Japan: a catastrophe, not a disaster movie

Forget the Hollywood-style finger-pointing about human ‘arrogance’ and ‘powerlessness’ – we can overcome and learn from the worst disasters.

‘Climategate’: what a pointless investigation

The aim of the MPs’ investigation was not to uncover the truth, but to defend the moral authority of climate-change alarmism.

Turning peer review into modern-day holy scripture

The treatment of peer-reviewed science as an unquestionable form of authority is corrupting the peer-review system and damaging public debate.

War Gott Grün?

Beim Versuch, mithilfe der Religion die Menschen zu einem umweltfreundlichen Verhalten zu zwingen, degradieren grüne Denker sowohl den Glauben als auch die Wissenschaft. Von Frank Furedi.

It’s 15 below zero as weathermen go witch-hunting

It is snowing big time in my town in Kent. The family sits in front of the television to discover whether there is more of the white stuff to come. However, instead of an informative weather forecast we are offered a political broadcast.

The Road: there’s more to life than biological survival

Those who welcome the film version of The Road as eco-propaganda for the masses have missed the point of McCarthy’s literary masterpiece.

Een dieet van paniekverhalen: Hoe onze kinderen eco-verklikkers worden

Klimaatactivisten misbruiken de angst van kinderen steeds vaker om het gedrag van volwassenen te veranderen.

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