• Frank Furedi
  • Frank Furedi
  • Sociologist, commentator and author
Theme: politics and the economy

The real lesson of the invasion of Poland

The Nazis’ contempt for national sovereignty is shared by the pro-EU crowd today.

A global culture war

Western liberals seem incapable of defending liberalism.

Mark Field did nothing wrong

Any protester knows you cannot disrupt an event without consequences.

Why I welcome these shocks to the political system

Politics in the UK is changing beyond recognition, and about time too.

Why opinion polls keep getting it wrong

The more we demonise certain opinions, the less likely people are to express them.

The right to criticise George Soros

This arrogant and destructive oligarch must be held to account.

Thierry Baudet: not your typical populist

His insurgent Dutch party cannot be so easily dismissed by the elite.

Why I’m sceptical about stories exposing Russian antics

The 'mini-cold war attitude' could make things worse with Russia.

The EU’s shameful crusade against Hungary

Hungary is being punished for one reason only: it takes its sovereignty seriously.

Why Sweden’s populist moment matters

The rise of the Sweden Democrats is a blow to Europe’s elites.

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